Anniversaries & Events

OGANA ASC February Meeting

02/25/2021 at Oak Ridge Baptist Church (361 Tilghman Rd. Salisbury, MD 21804)  join via Zoom at  PW:  service

Convention Committee Meting on 02/21/2020 at RRC 9:30AM in Room 3.  Nominations and Elections for the 2021 Convention Committee.

H&I Sub-Committee Meeting on 02/14/2021 at RRC at 9:30AM in Room 3.

SpecialEvents Sub-Committee Meeting on 02/18/2021 at RRC 5:00PM in Room 3.

Upcoming Anniversaries

Andre (5 years) 02/21/2021 at Good Morning Group

Rob C. (3 years) 03/02/2021 at Grow or Go

Darcy P. (9 years) 03/09/2021 at Grow or Go

Ed C. (7 years) 02/11/2021 at Let’s Do It

Cindy H. (2 years) 02/11/2021 at Living Clean

Matt C. (4 years) 02/22/2021 at Never Alone

Mindy S. (3 years) 02/27/2021 at Old School Meets New School

Taylor B. (1 year) 03/11/2021 at Vision of Hope

Kenny J. (29 years) 03/12/2021 at Vision of Hope

Joe D. (5 years) and Seth G. (2 years) **Double Anniversary** 03/01/2021 at We Do Recover


Upcoming Events

Stay Tuned!!!